Grammarly: Online Writing Assistance

Trusted by Over 1,000 Educational Institutions

Grammarly is an online writing tool that uses a highly engaging interface to guide students
through the revision process and deliver rich instructional feedback. It helps students
internalize the principles of good writing by providing contextual explanations of rules
that are easy to review before administering any changes.

Beyond Grammar

Grammarly goes well beyond finding standard spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
We use AI-powered algorithms to show students how to improve clarity, word choice,
and style, saving time for both students and faculty.

LMS Integration

Grammarly integrates directly with your browser, working seamlessly with Canvas,
Blackboard, D2L, and many other platforms.

SAML Single Sign-On*

Provide your students and faculty with a simple onboarding and sign-in experience
that supports your identity-related security controls.
*Available for qualifying accounts

Built-In Plagiarism Checker

Every Grammarly EDU license includes a plagiarism checker,
comparing texts to 16 billion web pages, plus major proprietary databases of scholarly journals.

Accessible on any device

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